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chances are i probably love you and always will.
don't lie to me. i'm sick of lies and bs. grant me the truth and i'll grant you wishes.

i'm not sure who i am. i want to change the parts about me i'm not happy about, and that means i might be someone you don't like. but look at it this way;;

i am who i am because of the people in my life. if you don't like who i am today, chances are you had a role in shaping me.


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  • You get together everyday.
    Then you can see them...

  • Let's runaway together
    And not apart...

  • There's a feeling stuck inside me;
    Wanting to fly free...

  • Can't take it anymore
    Running away from everything...

  • Quick flash of silver
    dampened with a spatter of red...

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  • Let's fall into this pit;
    [this pit of love]
    fall with me my darling,
    falling in love with each other
    falling together

    12 years ago
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