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i haven't got to uploading any new poems in a while, they will be coming soon :]]

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  • Your Name the Original Version
    I wrote your name in the sky...

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  • You were my best friend, then I started
    falling for you...
    We would kiss& hold hands& some what
    act like a couple...
    You told me you didn't want a gf...
    but then you get with her...

    things will never be the same...

    11 years ago
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  • You were my medicine of heartbreak.
    you said all the perfect things<3
    your kisses made me speechless,
    in your arms i couldn't feel more safe

    i just am waiting for a phone call from you:/
    you are now the heartbreak</3

    11 years ago
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  • Why do you do this to me?
    why do you do this so easily?
    you make it hard to smile, because
    you make it hard to breath
    why do you do this to me?

    12 years ago
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