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I'm Mya and there's not much to know about me. Read my poems and that's all there is about me. My poems are all just about what i see and feel nothing personal to the ones reading it. Really. look, and there's one more thing, I'm not good at writing poems so if you write a comment on my work please don't be harsh with it. really, please.
Okay sooo that's it. Thanks for reading... yep.

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Latest Poems By Mya

  • Hush my sister, take care, close your eyes, and go...
    Soon you will wake...

  • A small box is were I should be
    A small box is were I belong...

  • Pretty girls don't have to think, i do
    my sister never has to think.she just stands there...

  • In a house lives what people see to be a happy...
    but in her room she goes...

  • Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue...

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