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Hello! I'm Michaela... Well, poetry is not really my passion but i have no choice. For me, this is the only way to express my feelings. Huh!!! Really strange!

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : Philippines
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Latest Poems By Michaela T

  • To feel the soft breeze on my face
    Is like the touch of your sweet embrace...

  • Several times I come to think
    Of what is in my past...

  • We'd never been so close and tight
    You don't care for me at all...

  • How can I realize that we're not for each other
    How can I realize that it is not forever...

  • I'm not too young, I'm not too old
    But I'll do all for you to be hold...

Latest Quotes By Michaela T

  • "Why prolong the agony of being ugly, if you can do something to experience beauty."

    10 years ago
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  • Feels like heaven when you are near,
    Feels like heaven when you are here
    But no matter what I feel
    You never care, and that is real

    10 years ago
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  • I used to love you,
    You used to love me too.
    But now is the end,
    I'm already over you.

    10 years ago
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