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I'm Hector, Follow me on Twitter @RadicalThinker_ If you ever need someone to talk to..just Hit me up...ill listen to you. I love poetry but nobody knows i do!

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    You know i love you, Yes is true,
    you don't know what i would do for you...

  • Wish heaven had a phone. So I could hear your...

  • I take a look in the mirror then i talk to God.
    Lord tell me is she right cuz i'm looking hard...

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  • When you get to that point in life where you feel like you have no one left in your life, always Remember that God is right beside you.

    10 years ago
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  • I may have the biggest heart, but the Smallest entrance.

    10 years ago
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  • If I had one wish, we would be best friends
    Love would never end, it would just begin
    If I had one wish, you would be my boo
    Promise to love you, trust me I'll trust you

    10 years ago
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