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hi people im marina i love writting poems to help myself and others hopefully i am 15 and nice im here if you wana have a good chat juss msg meeh:]

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  • I sit here and wonder what went wrong
    Within myself I look deep inside and try and find...

  • Lonely nights lonely days
    Alone in this world I must not stay...

  • Love him why ? Who knows I guess it's because so...

  • Its not that I dont want you
    its not that I dont love you...

  • Nights like this deserve one big bottle of
    vodka PAIN its my best friend it will never...

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  • It's sad to say we were torn apart
    But at the same time it was for the
    Best ..always love you tho forever in my heart :"(

    9 years ago
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  • I see what i lost i took advantage of a good beautiful heart that had so much love for me now im sitting here crying cause im not with you no more i love and miss you mom and im sorry );

    9 years ago
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  • Sun goes down sunshine goes away darkness call's out my name waiting for me to start a storm in my room floods leading to hell from fallen tears

    10 years ago
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