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I have been writing poetry for about 20 years. Writing is my favorite hobby and I truly love it!! I write about the effect of God's love,family and friends, romance, death and its affect on others, children, nature and many more subjects!! I love the great outdoors, music and long rides with beautiful scenery!!

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  • Age : 60
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Latest Poems By Yvonne

  • First I was lost, then I found you
    I loveand adore being around you...

  • You can take my house, you can take my car
    But there are two things you will never take by...

  • Just the thought of you puts a smile on my face
    You are an awesome friend, you are my ace...

Latest Quotes By Yvonne

  • Give from your heart and soul~~not just your pockets!!!

    6 years ago
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  • When I cry, shedding real tears,those are called emotional showers!!

    6 years ago
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  • One thing I have learned is that you cannot drag your past to your present and expect a successful trip to the future!! Living in the past will keep you stagnant!! Give your past to God so you can move forward.

    6 years ago
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