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Mekael Shane is an American Mountaineer and Poet, who was born on October 17th 1970 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thematically, Mekael's poetry often expresses his perspectives on topics that include politics, love, race-relations, the human condition, war and the journey of the spirit.

The author of six collections of poetry, Mekael's work has also appeared in various anthologies and periodicals, which have helped him to garner various poetry award nominations. To learn more about Mekael and his poetry, please visit his website at

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  • Age : 48
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  • Country : Switzerland
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Latest Poems By Mekael Shane

  • Source (1) 1

    Love is the seeking of a way of life
    A way that cannot be sought alone...

  • Masked in
    Gray and brown...

  • Tribal beats are sounding
    Inside my head; echoing and pounding...

  • German Shepherd dogs ?
    Next came the water hose...

  • My Power (1) 1

    In my mind I raced against time
    I smoked peyote with the Apache...

Latest Quotes By Mekael Shane

  • “Years ago, when I first started mountaineering, I was impetuous, heady, rash, impatient, prideful and arrogant. I in my mind, was both impervious and impregnable, "nothing could stop me," or so I thought."

    1 year ago
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  • “Soldiers train for war, but pray for peace.”

    1 year ago
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  • “Mountains are for me, a conservatory. It's there, that I am able to exist in the presence of transcendent sentient and symbiotic beings."

    1 year ago
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