motivated by pain... inspired by anger.


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Latest Poems By MARVIN PRIZE

  • I guess i am always behind time
    Even when i stand first inline...

  • At times i sit and weep, mostly when the pain...
    I find it hard to sleep_ in the end i stay quiet...

  • Bloody blood lines already drawn,
    Say our grace before combat...

  • Lord! We are here today_ together,
    heaven help us please...

  • True definition of purity is gone
    Once precious and treasured like gold...

Latest Quotes By MARVIN PRIZE

  • Those who tell the truth are treated like terrorists why?
    thats the reason why the world needs democracy

    7 years ago
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  • I ain't changin for nobody
    if you can't stand my shit then you are caught in the wrong place

    7 years ago
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  • Dear mama
    me and my brother we are nolonger in good books and if you die without dealin with this thing, i'm so sure you will regret from the graveyard.

    7 years ago
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