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I am 36 year old and love poetry. In my feelings I am Gay. So, I will express myself through poetry.

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  • Age : 36
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  • Country : India
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Latest Poems By Rohit Sapra

  • Beautiful are emotions
    Emotions in which love is involved...

  • This life has a path
    Some people love you...

  • Love u I do
    Through love I remain close to u...

  • I wish to be loved
    Would a black man ever love me...

  • I feel like being of a man
    That man will love me and will make me feel girly...

Latest Quotes By Rohit Sapra

  • I have loved truly and never did fake love. Love has always meant something to me because I have lost love before.

    8 months ago
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  • I have been so depressed in life that crying does not help so I have stopped crying and now I try to smile even in my sad moments.

    8 months ago
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  • Life is a learning experience and it will test you again and again but a person with a true spirit never ever gives up in life as this process has got to be constant.

    8 months ago
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