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Hey ya'll, my name is Jen. I live in Kansas and of course love to write poems, I also love to run track, row, and play basketball.

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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : USA, Kansas
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  • Why cant I just tell her
    How come is it so hard to just say I want you as...

  • Every breath is a breath closer to death right
    Why does that seem impossible when I look into...

  • Am I really what people say I am?
    Maybe in my head I make myself believe I am...

  • I dont think anything could be harder than this
    Shes my world, my life, my sould...

  • Memories came and now there gone
    We lasted a while and that while was amazing...

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  • "If you were to die at 11:59 p.m and could not live tomorrow how you wanted to live today, would you think back and think today was a wasted day?"

    16 years ago
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