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Thanx for going through my quotes and poems.Please put in your comments.It wld help me to write better.

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  • Each night I dream of you,
    and yet when I awake...

  • Well, a long time since I wrote last - and here...
    All this while I was waiting for a...

  • Folks,
    I\'m sure all of us have often wondered about the...

  • This is dedicated to my Love Adla,
    That I might not get her does not perturb me, for...

  • I would still admit that I do love you,
    But then I have restrained my emotions...

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  • Tell me my Dear..
    Should I be happy that we are friends....
    Or Sad that, that is all we are ever going to be....

    16 years ago
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  • Love is in many ways like a seed hiding lots of potential,Just as a seed awaits the proper conditions before sprouting,So does love.It lies dormant till you find THE RIGHT PERSON,And then it blossoms like nothing you have ever seen or will ever see.

    16 years ago
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  • Never Love with all your heart..
    Its only going to break..
    You are going to spend all your remaining life placing and piecing out its shattered pieces

    16 years ago
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