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*bAsKetBaLL rOcKs!*

*mY fRiEnDs*
-KayLeE (BFF!!)
-AsHleY (lloovvveee U bAbE-ThAnKs 4 BeiNg ThErE fOr Me!)
-VicKy *mY sKipPiNg BudDy!*
-KaiLa aNd JesSicA *ggggG-uNit!*
-LynDa *uR SeXy :P*
-CaNdAcE *uR bEaUtiFuL*

-Rap, HiP hOp, R&b, *aNd* RegGae

*mY fAmiLy*
-my BrOtHeR *beSt BbAll PlaYa!*
-mY mOm *tHe BeSt MoM eVeR!*
-dAd *uR aWeSoMe BesT dAd!*

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  • Age : 15
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : Canada
  • Joined : Dec 17, 2004
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Latest Poems By Susan

  • When you love someone - you’ll do anything
    You’ll do all the crazy things that you...

  • Maybe someday soon
    I'll find the perfect guy...

  • The sun has the moon, the stars have each other...
    The night looks toward the days, the east looks...

  • They call her for dinner. She makes up a reason...

  • I gave u my heart- and u took it with care-
    but u played around- so love me...dont dare...

Latest Quotes By Susan

  • Your priceless like a rare jewel
    your perfect like a dream come true

    19 years ago
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  • It’s amazing how you knock me off my feet
    Everytime you come around me I get weak
    Nobody ever made me feel this way
    You kiss my lips and then you take my breath away

    19 years ago
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  • I wanna be the smile you put on your face
    i wanna be your hands when you say your prayers
    i wanna be whatever is your favorite place
    i just wanna be close to you...

    19 years ago
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