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my poems and written soley to help me try and understand and cope with all the thoughts and feelings in my head!

i often write dedications or poems to tell people things that i dont think i could to their face!

lets just say life sucks and poems are my only healthy way of getting from day to day

just to let everyone know that i have got rid of all my poems bar one as people can not be trusted on this site!!! y cant people write their own poems instead of stealing others and takin the credit????? laura the only person on this site that i feel i can trust so thatnk you but as for some of you (you no who u r) i cant believe you cwould steal poems of mine put them on other sites and stuff and not think i would find out their my poems written with my emotion so how bout u write some of your own!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for takin the time to read
lil kit xxxxxx

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