Songs vs. Poetry

  • AllHailTheHeartbreaker
    16 years ago

    OK, in my opinion songs and poetry can be counted as the same thing as far as the words go. They're both a written/verbal art. The only big difference is that songs have music added. Some of my other friends who write poetry don't agree, though. Anyone else agree? And if you disagree, can you tell me why?

  • Austin
    16 years ago

    Poetry is a song while songs are poetry they are one in the same and truthfully both have music to them when you read a poem a beta cna be placed into your head or you can hear you own music placed into the words just by how its written it's all in interpretation


  • John Holley
    16 years ago

    it is much easier to make a good song a good poem than it is to make a good poem a good song. trust me i know. therefor i dont think its the same thing.

  • Kaitlin Kristina
    16 years ago

    Well... I dont know how I feel about that, because when I read song lyrics it may as well be a poem, and most poems can be turned into songs, expecially if they are short rhyming cuplets and stanzas, however personally I cannot write good songs at all. I am a pretty good poet, but songs evade my talent I suppose. Maybe its because I dont play an instrument, but I would love to write songs because I love to sing. If songs and poetry are the same things then would it not mean every songwriter can write great poetry and vis-versa? Because I find this to be untrue. The other difference is that songs make very "corny" poetry in many cases, poetry has to have more of a classic flow than alot of songs, just my opinion though.

  • ♥•oOo Nikki oOo•♥©
    16 years ago

    Most Of The Times Poems Are Turned Into Songs So I Would Judge Them Basically In The Same Catorgorey xoxo-Nikki-xoxo