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I believe that are is everywhere. I believe that there is beauty in everything. I believe that anyone can accomplish anything, if it's meant to be. I believe in friendship, love and self-expression.

So... I'm just your typical witty, quiet, smart, humorous, lovely, athletic, unfornunate, tragic, amazing, awesome, friendly, obsessive, likeable, sarcastic, brilliant, easily-amused, loving, trendy, starry eyed, crafty, driven, determined, artisticly expressive, independent, sympathetic strong, photographically inclined, stubborn, MySpace-addicted, groovy, chocoholic, infatuated, coffee-loving, well-rounded, honorable, genuine, honest, horse-obsessed, equestrian, 4-wheeler riding, natural, youthful, sensible, artistic, musical, sweet, semi-boy crazy American teenage poet. [</3er]

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  • Age : 18
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  • I am not the reason she changed her hair
    or that she chose a jacket today, over the sweater...

  • [Song? Poem?]
    [verse 1...

  • Lyrics; may edit/add more
    Voices singing simple songs, stretched across an...

  • Your words seem so inconsequential
    to me it's like you don't even care...

  • So I'm looking through the yearbook
    and obsessing over every page...

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  • You're the result of my latest heartbreak...

    15 years ago
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  • I hate it when I can't remember your face...

    15 years ago
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  • It's OK, we don't have to do anything special today -- on our anniversary. I have my whole afternoon planned, anyway. I'm going to lay on my bedroom floor and watch my ceiling fan spin around and think about you.

    15 years ago
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