Too many...??

  • Lydia O
    16 years ago

    Chelsea, it looks like there is a key word omitted from your post:

    "... too many KIDS writing about _?_ on this website."

  • Eibutsina
    16 years ago

    Age shouldn't be a barrier to expressing yourself
    Yeah, there are alot of younger people (kids sounds so derogative - I know I used to when I was younger) on this site and some of the subjects and situations they write about seem scary to us as they are still at such a tender age. In reallity though situations and problems don't care about how old you are and can affect the best of us at any given age or stage in our lives. I think educating these younger poets and letting them perhaps learn from our (being older members) experiences we can offer them support and advice that is normally inaccessible to them...

  • BrokenMisery
    16 years ago

    This site is built on a lot of teen stuff, and hey, your 15 so what are you talkin about? Teenagers need an outlet, poetry/songwriting provides that, it gives them a little more hope seeing people the same age and making friends with people who are going through the same thing and it improves english skills.

    luv kt

  • Chloe
    16 years ago

    Guys, I don't think she meant it in a bad way...I think what she meant to say is that too many kids are unhappy, and that we should help them.

  • Atahan Tolunay
    16 years ago

    Nothing wrong in being unhappy. This is a shit world we live in, you just need to be smart enough to realize that. If you ask me they dont need help because help means: trying to live in a fantasy world with happy fairies and santa. So keep up the unhappy spirit and mock those who cant see the truth.

  • unprotected lover
    16 years ago

    ok i write about cutting and suicide but its better then actually cutting i actually have done it before this just lets it all out instead of actually doing it

  • Kaitlin Kristina
    16 years ago

    I am 16 and personally I don’t write on any poetry forums to converse with other teenagers, make friends, or read their poetry necessarily.

    I personally want to be a writer, it has always been a dream of mine to publish a book of poetry and I would consider myself a "seriously dedicated" poet. The reason that I post my work is to get constructive advice and criticism from other writers from all different demographics, skill level, and educational background.

    When you are a writer (especially poet), most of your readers are not just English professors and GOOD POETRY IS NOT DICTATED BY STANDARD. Poetic license is available to anyone who claims to be a poet.

    Anyway to address the current state of teenagers today I suggest that you look up my poem "We," which is about this very topic. It is a featured poem on my profile. I personally am very mature for my age and have graduated high school 3 years early by correspondence and don’t have many friends my age, so speaking from my generation but choosing to exclude myself from the "sh it" that we have to go through, represent, and the typical drama, I must say that this is a great outlet for them, however its the good and serious poets who are a bit older that I try and post for. Plus I write alot of explicit stuff that isn’t appropriate for many of the people on this site. People get published all the time.

  • ♥•oOo Nikki oOo•♥©
    16 years ago

    Whats Wrong With Kids Writing Poems?... I See It As a Good Way To Vent xoxo-Nikki-xoxo