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my poems are written on my life as of right now. im not cutting anymore, but i still write about it because it was a huge effect on my life, please leave me a comment. I'm 19 and I have grown alot since 2 years ago when I opened this account. I just lost my 3rd friend to suicide. Its amazing how fast your friends can just let go, I didn't even know this girl thought about suicide. if anyone is cutting and needs help I can help you out. I've been there before, and I dont want to see anyone else lose their life because of it.

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  • Everyone says it'll get better, but it's hard to believe when it seems to just get worse.

    15 years ago
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  • Never risk your heart
    to someone who killed you before

    15 years ago
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  • You tell me to hold on,
    But I don't see why.
    You tell me it will get better,
    But you don't know when.
    You tell me you're sorry,
    But for what?
    For making me love you,
    And making me cry?
    Or, for making me want to die,
    Since I'm dead inside?

    16 years ago
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