Rhyming.. forced poetry?

  • rebeccasarah
    12 years ago

    Hey, I've noticed a lot of poems that rhyme seem just .. "too much" ?
    Maybe its just me noticing this, cause its in my writing as well, but a lot of rhyming poems seem to be the same thing the same style, over and over again, and it seems very forced. and not as from the heart as it could be..
    Dont get me wrong now, rhyming poems can be outstanding, im not trying to trash them cause its all i write, why would I do that? but I just wanted to know your opinion.

    Are rhymes forced poetry?

  • Beautiful Chaos
    12 years ago

    I don't think rhyming make sit forced poetry, sometimes we just have to be a little more creative in our choices when rhyming, when it is bland and obvious, don't be afraid to switch it up and experiment.

  • X l i l T a n i X
    12 years ago

    Some people force poems to rhyme and they arent as good.. but then again some people can rhyme and there really good..

  • Paralyzed
    12 years ago

    Lol I wish more people would force their wisdom on me, I am always willing to listen though, so I guess it wouldn't be forced upon me.

    We should always be looking to grow and learn if writing is something we take seriously.

  • Chemically Corrupted
    12 years ago

    Some is forced but some of it just flows naturally.

  • Ed or Ian Henderson
    12 years ago

    What the hell is "forced" about rhyming? Personally, I'm more forced to breathe. And I get really annoyed having to be forced to moisten the surface of my eyes by the unimaginative notion of blinking...

    I like rhymes. I like to see people rhyme well and with imagination. Okay, anyone can write a poem rhyming "death" with "breath", "doom" with "gloom", and "sad" with "bad", but the genuinely skilled poets on this site can genuinely piece together some truly beautiful words by the complex task of taxing their brains to find words that defy convention. That's not forced. It's invention. ;-)

  • StarGirl
    12 years ago

    I think my poem "smile" is the only poem of mine that had accidental rhyming! lol. But yeah, I think poetry doesn't really need to rhyme but beable to flow in a way. Rhyming is just easier.

  • Dark Savior
    12 years ago

    I've forced rythmes because long ago that is what this site wanted...no one would give a non-rythming poem a chance.

    I don't anymore however, I haven't in a very long time. I enjoy the way it comes out. If you really put your heart into it, it really doesn't matter if it rythmes or not, because it's an amazing poem.

  • Jenn
    12 years ago

    I'm actually on another site too .. and keep getting told that my poems lack flow .. LOL

    I just realized what they were talking about while i ran through all the ones they have on there .. they meant mine don't rhyme
    Personally I agree Rhyming poems seem forced and are not filled with emotions ..

    To the Poster above me .. that is how these people on the other site are lol just like how you described .. thankfully we have this site :)

  • Marly
    12 years ago

    I just like to rhyme because i like poems with nice flow. However when i have a poem that has so many words and so many feelings to be told i find that the sweetness or meaning of the poem is better explained if you use every word that helps to explain the story instead of struggling to find a word that rhymes. For me, they tend to end up more like stories lol but for me i like to read rhyming poems but i like writing free flowing poems

  • ether
    12 years ago

    Fourced comes when you rhyme life with anything. I think I've only seen it done well twice.

  • Dark Savior
    12 years ago

    I think that you are thinking back way too far. Lots of poets rythme life now. It depends on what you do it with. It is a very old poetry rule, one that my best friends father told me about(He's a retired english teacher).

    I don't think that it would have a place in contemprary pieces. I think that poetry has evolved so much that You could throw out most of the old rules.

    I know I've seen someone's verse.

    "If I knew what I had in this life
    I should never have gotten that knife" - Meena(someone who is no longer with the site)

    it was your usual teenage angst poem. I think that it's just the manor in which you rythme that shows if it's forced or not, most don't know it unless you tell them. I know the majority of my older poems are forced.

  • ether
    12 years ago

    But life and knife is so, so expected in poetry, plus it sounds like the knife shouldn't be in that line, it should be replaced by another, stronger word.

  • Baby Rainbow
    12 years ago

    I dont seem to notice it so much when reading poems, its when you read a lot of poems by one person and they use the same rhyming words in most of their poems that i notice it x

  • Twisted Mind Broken Soul
    12 years ago

    I think it's forced poetry!

  • Curing the Comon Cliche
    12 years ago

    In my opinion if you think that it has to be 100% rhyme, then it sounds forced. when i write i speak outloud, this way I get words that rhyme smoother.

    The windowpanes where broke and old
    But they keep out the twisting deadly cold
    ~See this sounds forced and ordinary

    The windowpanes were broke and old
    Through them, an old woman dancing on the road
    ~The rhyming here makes you think it rhymes, but it really doesn't. It gives the illusion of rhyme, this lets you expand your horizon to better suit the idea you are trying to pursue.

  • Raychil
    12 years ago

    Rhyming is NOT forced poetry. Just because certain people are incapable of producing rhythm, doesn't mean everyone is. I rhyme all of my poems because it gives me a sense of flow and pattern. I don't use the same words over and over, but yeah sometimes you have to for different poems. But even in non-rhyming poems sometimes you repeat words, not to mention non-rhyming poems generally lack rhythm because they don't rhyme. Name me even a song that doesn't rhyme in it somewhere. Just because one person's poems seem forced doesn't mean they all are. In my opinion non-rhyming sounds forced and it sounds like its lacking effort because it has no basis of rhythm. Writing down separated paragraphs doesn't make a poem, feeling and rhythm, that is that oject of poetry. Not blank words.

  • anonymous lover
    12 years ago

    I personally prefer rhyming poems..i think
    they sound somehow nicer..and if read you
    read them you feel that the writer truely
    worked on it...
    it's more of a challenge than writing in
    blank verse..for my opinion!!