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[[Now I am Happy In Love With Such An Amazing Man...He Makes My Life Complete, I Have Never Felt This Way About Anyone Before, I Plan On Marrying This Man Someday. We Are Extremely Happy With Each Other, And Absolutely No One Can Change The Fact That We Are Both In Love]]

[[In the year [[2007]] I lost family that were very important to me!!!!

JAMES DOUGLAS CLAY, [R.I.P 2000-2007] He was my little cousin

My best friend [R.I.P CASSANDRA ROSE HALL] [1991-2007]

As if this wasn't enough for me to handle I also lost my aunt deb. It was so hard for me to handle but I have made it through it all so I'm sure you all Can make it through anything!]]

I've been through alot of things in my life, and I'm sure anything you have been through I can help you with it. If you need someone to talk to without judging you then I'm that person I can help if you let me.
I'm just here to help the people that helped me!!! If you need a friend I'll be here.

So in conclusion I'm here to help others, but you have to come to me first. Thank you

[[Cassandra Ann ]]
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  • Everyone Has The Ability To Succeed, They Just Have To Be Willing To Take That Chance

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  • Never Let Todays Disappointments Stop Your Dreams For Tomorrow

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  • When Times Get Rough, I Look Up In The Sky And Ask God What I Did Wrong

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