Bringing Up Inspiration

  • Dark Angel Label
    12 years ago

    I myself seem to be able to sit and feel out a poem within myself before I write it, my inspiration for each poem is from differant parts of my life, time, or any other segmant of life in general.

    Anyone else just sit down and start writing and not stopping till you feel its finished?

    That almost always happens to me, just be able to sit down and write, and strange enough sometimes they are not all that bad.

  • ether
    12 years ago

    Sometimes I get like that, not being able to stop writing until it feels finished. My inspiration only comes from one person, though. Except I think once or twice it's come from prose.

  • CanUKissAwayMyPain
    12 years ago

    I feel like that too... when a paper is in fornt of me i usually just right what pops in my mind. when it was a memories. things that happen in my life. i usually just let my heart out. i get inspire sometimes. but i just rite what happened in my life how i feel about a person. thatz usually it or other things.

  • Baby Rainbow
    12 years ago

    Yeah i get that, i sometimes end up writing poems that are soo long but you just dont want to stop them, or writing 4 or 5 parts to one poem because you dont want it to end xx

  • Dark Savior
    12 years ago

    I should probably put a piece of paper and pen by my bed, some of my best rythmes were thought of when I was falling asleep and just thinking of Idea's.

    The withered lover was done partly like that...though I wasn't going to sleep, I was just in bed thinking about things looking up at the wall. I think that is where most of my poems come from....just sitting and thinking with most of the eletrconics off in the house and it quite. If I'm writing a love poem...I have to be in that mood, Dark poem, that mood, so on and so forth. So I get myself depressed to write a depressing poem, or I have to think about a really sad time in my life.

  • Poet on the Piano
    12 years ago

    I've done that a lot. Especially at school, when I have a great idea, I just pour it all out in my notebook, and keep adding parts to it during the day. Also, at night, when I am thinking over many things, sometimes an idea of what I could write about appears, and I just have to get up and write it down, then I don't stop writing till I feel like its completed and I have no more to say....

  • RainbowSlider
    12 years ago

    Sometimes I get like just a piece of a poem and sometimes the whole poems come out. It id like the poem wants to be wrote.

  • Twisted Mind Broken Soul
    12 years ago

    When I write poetry I dont think of it ahead of time because sometimes they come out sounding all jacked up they dont flow or when I write it's at times when I just pick up the pen and start writing without stopping or thinking about it until it's done