• Jenn
    4 years ago

    I know You use to be able to click on Your awards, and see what each one was. Now You can't?
    Why is that?

    I mean if You don't know what each one stands for, why even have them? lol

  • hiraeth
    4 years ago

    it seems to be a mistake made by Janis, and unfortunately he's not around to correct it.

  • Jenn
    4 years ago

    I knew their use to me a link to see what they meant, and since I came back.. for the life of me I couldn't find it! Thank You!

  • Britt
    4 years ago

    F award - How many people have you on their favourites list.

    Pink - 5-19
    Blue - 20-49
    Gold - 50-99
    Platinum - 100+

    C award: Critique award: How many praised comments you have.

    Pink C - 50+ comments
    Blue C - 3-9 praised comments
    Gold C - 9-29 praised comments
    Platinum C - 30+ praised comments

    (Note: You need 10 praised comments to gain nominator status, i.e. to get the ability to nominate poems for the weekly contest on the front page.)

    P award: Number of poems posted on your account

    Pink P - 30-99 poems
    Blue P - 100-199 poems
    Gold P - 200-399 poems
    Platinum P - 400+ poems

    D award: Discussion award (number of posts made in forums)

    Pink D - 50-199 posts
    Blue D - 200-499 posts
    Gold D - 500-999 posts
    Platinum D - 1000+ posts

    For easy access. :)

  • Jenn
    4 years ago

    Thank You for that Britt!
    Great idea to just have the whole thing posted here, for easy reading in the future. or for others with the same question.