Let Us Converse Using Sonnets II

  • Everlasting
    3 years ago


    The link above cannot be open now.
    It seems to me the thread turned cold and died.
    Can any soul be kind and tell me how?
    How did that thread was left to rotten, died.
    You know I tried so hard to give it life,
    but also that I tried to make it grow.
    I gave my time and went through lots of strife
    to see your words and mine go to and fro.
    yet somehow it feels the above thread lives,
    despite that it wont' open up to me.
    It takes no input, but I think still lives.
    I can't discard this thought and simply be.
    And so I guess I didn't try enough
    And so I guess I cannot just give up.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    3 years ago

    Conversations die their natural end
    despite all else that one person can do;
    discourse rejoins with the flick of a pen
    when opportunity rises anew.
    Fret not over words forgotten between
    when you have so much wisdom to exclaim;
    just strike up a line, or even fourteen
    and public proclamation will acclaim.
    New people will talk in meter and rhyme
    if you write it they will come to partake
    it is not new but happens all the time
    and they'll do it for laughs and for your sake.
    Sonnets are formalized expositions
    show the state of poet's disposition.

  • Everlasting
    3 years ago

    Edit: thanks.


    Ah first of all, I thank you Mister Larry
    for joining me this evening with your piece
    and secondly, I praise you Mister Larry
    for writing the above with such an ease.
    Your sonnet clearly speaks between the lines
    though after reading I'm left in distraught
    my heartbeat rises then its beat declines
    I'm trying too hard to not panic out
    Did you implied that this thread too can die?
    Did you implied with that thought in advance
    While trying to save this hurt girl a cry?
    Then how can I not fret if there's that chance?
    Oh no! I should calm down. I think you're right.
    I should just read your lines with other light.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    3 years ago

    I say there's room for many in here:
    Darren, Em, Ben, Michael and Ben should come,
    plus anyone else who holds these forms dear
    Meena, ddavidd, Jane, Andrea are some.
    All you poets should speak in form your mind
    Hellon, Mark, Naomi, Mary Ann, too;
    mold your thoughts to fourteen lines you will find
    simple ten syllables sound much more True.
    Don't give up Luce, there will be those who write
    conversations in sonnets just you wait
    Abby, Yaki, ether and James are bright
    and surely they will produce verse first rate.
    It really doesn't have to be their best
    I'll bet they'll do it just for interest.

  • - Mr. Darcy
    3 years ago

    To have a thread like this on here is sharp.
    Enticing all the eager minds around,
    To pick up pen or quill and make their mark.
    Sonnet writing is happiness Ive found.
    Ideas that squeeze nicely to a template
    Will focus brains like water on the mind.
    A story like Rapunzel reads first rate,
    Or a zombie love, the future human kind.
    The fact that all ideas from new to bard
    Can grace a page and sing with metric beat.
    To hear the beat, you hear the poets heart;
    So have a go and try, its really neat!

    A thread like this encourages this site,
    To hear the music beat within our writes.

  • Ben Pickard
    3 years ago

    I thought I'd join the fray and scrawl a verse
    As sonnets are my true undying muse;
    To weave a tale with music and with words
    Presents a challenge one must not refuse.
    Those few who call it dated and refuse
    To see the beauty woven in its web
    Do cast away a gift and so they lose
    And write their words with smudgy ink instead.
    So join us on this thread and cast a spell
    With metric beat and pens that turn to wands;
    It may just break the wall and so then fell
    The stones that stand in place of clearer ponds.
    We must not blunt our tools and leave behind
    The best we have or suffer narrow minds.

  • Everlasting
    3 years ago

    Oh YES! you're RIGHT! oh YES! you're RIGHT! oh YES!!!
    There's room for all of them to come in here.
    So let us call on Em and Jane I guess
    along with Mary Ann to join us here
    I know Andrea will be coming soon
    She loves to write in forms just as I do
    and has this playful fairy pixie tune
    that captivates a soul like morning dew
    but I can be mistaken with my thoughts
    and chances are Andrea will not come
    because it seems she is untying knots
    to loosen up the strings that chokes her home
    So then I guess, you're right, oh yes, you're right!
    Let's call on all to come in here and write!

    Note: I'll be back to continue replying.

  • Ben Pickard
    3 years ago

    It seems that quite a few of us on here
    Have knots we need to loosen else we'll choke;
    To leave our paths ahead well worn and clear,
    We first must fell the trees with flames and smoke.
    We must not press the few who stay their hand -
    The aces will be played in course and time;
    They will yet rise from ash and make a stand
    By leaving all their problems far behind.
    Our necks are often bound by ropes we tie,
    So grasp those knots and work them in reverse;
    Do not look back and say you never tried -
    Our lives will then be cured and reimbursed.
    When walking in the dark, remember light;
    When suffering life's wrongs, remember right.

  • Everlasting
    3 years ago

    It seems you know a lot about some knots...
    I often think about the ones that binds us all
    But I can't seem to organize my thoughts
    because those thoughts are hard to fit and call
    I always seem to see us as some thread,
    as, if you will, some string, that can sever;
    to break in unity means to find dead...
    But oh that string then turns to two or more
    And more become detached from the main source
    So these peculiar knots unite us more
    and lead us closer to the main source

    So once again to be a single string
    we all must tie the ends to make that string

  • Everlasting
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  • Milly Hayward
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  • Darren
    1 year ago

    I never wrote one in this thread

    one sonnet every three years is my limit.

  • Everlasting replied to Darren
    8 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    Title: To Darren

    You never wrote a sonnet in this thread
    nor have you posted one in your account
    except for the Italian one I read
    a while ago if I have not lost count
    so basically your limit isn’t one
    your limit is your want for quality
    the kind that can’t be perfected at once
    unless you posses that ability
    but since we aren’t poet Laureates
    it’s clear that practice should be exercise
    by fully writing what your soul dictates
    regardless if the form must be revise
    Thus, do attempt to write a sonnet
    until with many tries you perfect it

  • Darren replied to Everlasting
    8 months ago

    Thanks Luce

    however I can't see myself writing a sonnet anytime soon.

  • Everlasting replied to Darren
    8 months ago

    No worries.

  • Everlasting replied to Darren
    8 months ago

    No worries.