Use Me, Abuse Me

by Timothy

You use me,
You abuse me;
But yet I'm always here;
You curse me, but I'm always near.

You want to have me all the time,
But can't always get though on the line;
It's not my fault, I don't have a choice,
Please, please...just let me hear your voice.

I know you won't keep me long,
My time is as fleeting as a siren's song;
I'm the most useful thing you own,
Please be a little nicer to your CELL PHONE!


Submission date : 2010-06-26
Last edit : 2010-07-03

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Latest comments

Stephanie ( F P C ) at 2010-08-24

HAHA! I love it! I was like "Why is this in humor?" until I read the last line and I laughed. lol...I like it...Good work on this one!