by Love Hurts

Sleep tugs at my eyelids,
Demanding that they close.
A yawn widens my mouth,
Tears springing to my eyes.
I pray silently one more time.
concentrating all my attention on you, oh Lord.
All the sudden my heart begans to hammer against my chest, breath becoming shallow and fast.
Horrifying thoughts fill my head.
Heart attacks, disease, murdures.
The list could go on and on.
Shadows dance around me,
faces made of wall paint.
Fear twist my stomach,
I start to shiver.
Curling up in my blanket,
Willing my heart to stop its fast pounding.
Wishing my breathing would slow.
All I want to do is sleep.
I pray to you, Lord.
Begging you to take my fear.
Calm my crazy heart.
Ask for the peace to sleep.
Finally, I can close my eyes and drift off to sleep....


Submission date : 2012-09-03

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Latest comments

Catie at 2012-09-03

Hi Kendra. :) Yes, prayer does help when a person is having an anxiety attack. I really enjoyed your poem. Hugs, catie :)

Kendra Avelino ( P ) at 2012-10-15

*Hugs back* Thanks so much for your comment! Bless you.