I Am Looking Forward To Meeting You

by X Kashies Misery X

I am looking forward to meeting you,
For I have been so curious if the day would ever come,
If I could ever be there beside you to hold your hand,
To be there with you when your tears run,
My heart is with you anyway,
I still love you the same till that very day,
But to be right with you,
Would be a great present,
And for that day to come,
I am so very excited,
For when that day comes,
I will finally be with you.

And forever I shall be with you


Submission date : 2006-11-15

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Latest comments

Bonnie ( F C D ) at 2006-11-27

I can definetly say that in every single way i can relate to this poem
&& also life is too short not to follow your dreams and be who you are destined to be...
Uve got talent and make sure u dont eva second guess this talent of urs