Religion Caused The Trojan War

by Tom Watkins

Religion Caused The Trojan War

Religion this, religion that,
They judge her, in a rage.
She's called the root of all evil,
The reason wars are waged!

Lives were taken, in our Lord's name,
Too numerous to say.
The Crusades were fought for Jesus,
That's what we're told today!

Wars aren't fought over things like greed,
Nor man's lust for power.
Religion is the reason why,
Peace on Earth went sour.

Without it there would be no war,
For mankind would unite!
If the world destroyed religion,
We'd have no cause to fight!

How perfect would the world become,
If no one spoke of God?
We would all be free of judgment,
No need for a facade.

We've no personal agendas,
We're peaceful through and through.
Religion MAKES us do bad things,
I'm telling you, it's true.

Wars don't bring men wealth or power,
Treasure comes from above.
Religion caused the Trojan War,
It wasn't Helen's love!

Jesus said to live by the sword,
Not turn the other cheek!
God's commandments told us to fight,
That we should kill the meek.

A world purged of religious faith,
Would be utopia.
Mankind would overflow with love,
A cornucopia.

The human race would be at peace,
No God to wish them ill!
A generation, unrestrained,
Spreading cheer and good will.

The earth would be like Shangri La;
No discrimination,
No coveting what others have,
No class separation.

It'd be like living in a dream;
A beautiful vision.
We'd share the same philosophy,
There'd be no division!

But when you opened up your eyes,
You'd see reality.
The paradise you thought you'd find,
Was just a fantasy.

For if religion disappeared,
Life would be as before.
There would still be hate and murder,
And we'd still be at war!

Religion can sustain a war,
But it's not why they start.
For those who start them never fight,
There's no faith in their hearts.

They speak the words they need to speak,
To fill their troops with zeal.
The zealots and the patriots,
Believe these words are real.

It isn't hard to start a war,
When the lines have been drawn.
Religion must fight back again,
Or it may soon be gone!

When one side is offended by
Opinions they don't share.
They may suppress your point of view,
So you won't have a prayer.

God's enemies have formed their line,
Their weapons have been drawn.
They will not cease until the day
Religious choice is gone.

They seek to take the rights away,
From all who disagree,
That God is just a fairytale,
A silly fantasy.

But what if I still worshiped God,
Should His foes win the day,
And preached His word on city streets;
Would they lock me away?

For they will never silence me,
As long as I draw breath.
The day my voice ceases to shout,
That day, I'll face my death!

Religion doesn't start a war,
Opinion stokes that fire.
Intolerance for one's beliefs,
Makes the flames grow higher.

It doesn't matter what you think,
You have the right to choose.
But if you take my right from me,
Then everyone will lose.

Religion this, religion that,
You say it all the time.
To justify your prejudice,
You call my faith a crime!

To be offended is your right,
Of other points of view,
Yet you can choose not to listen,
If something bothers you.

But you don't have the right to say
That I don't have the right,
To form opinions you don't like;
And still, you want to fight.

Religion won't cause the next war,
It has no relevance.
The reason this might come to blows,
Will be intolerance.

So here's to all the Christophobes,
Who justify their hate.
Religion caused the Trojan War,
Let's see who shares their fate.


Submission date : 2007-07-26

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Skyler Skateboarding ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-04

This poem is different but very good. I liked it a lot. Keep up the good work 5/5

XxExoticTearxX Roxy ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-05

I have to agree with Makaveil. This poem is just one of the most best poems in the world!;in my opinion. Amazing write I would have to say my favorite stanza's where these two below.

Religion doesn't start a war,
Opinion stokes that fire.
Intolerance for one's beliefs,
Makes the flames grow higher.

It doesn't matter what you think,
You have the right to choose.
But if you take my right from me,
Then everyone will lose.

They just seemed to pop out of the screen to me. I really liked the rhythming and the way you used your words. You used vast majority of writing...Like complete etc....Amazing work!! Keep it up. Loads Of Love From Roxy.

XxExoticTearxX Roxy ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-05


xXx SeCrEt WiSh xXx ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-06

Okay. what could i possibly say that would sum up how i feel about this poem? nothing. this is frikken amazing...i don't even know what to say. the power emotion and depth in this piece was beautiful. this poem produced some very provoking thoughts for me. i just loved this. i can't even get over

pouringguilt ( F P C D ) at 2008-02-18

Unique good poem

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