Emotionally Confused

by StormyWeather

Please read and rate honestly because this is how i really feel- i just wanted to write it down...

You may think this is a love poem
Well think again you’re wrong
Damn you why do you torture me
I loved you all along
I hate it that I love you
For this I never planned
I’m sorry if I’m going mad
But you don’t understand
I want to love you even though
I can’t forgive or forget
Though you’re the nicest, sweetest guy
That I have
ever met
You’re a liar and a cheater
You’re mean and you’re unfair
I hate it that I love you
I hate that you don’t care
I don’t know why I feel this way
Or why I feel so bruised
I know I love you but I’m so
Emotionally confused

You are the only secret
That I know I cannot keep
But your face is the one I see
In my dreams as I sleep
I know this might sound cheesy
And oh- so juvenile
But I love the way your eyes light up
Your whole face as you smile
Except for when you’re angry
And that smile is taunting me
Or when the smile is forced and tight
Because you do not see
I don’t even like you
But I love you all the same
In the nights I wake myself
By calling out your name
You’re driving me so crazy
Don’t laugh at me that way!
Don’t patronize me when I fall
And don’t force me to say

I love you
Cos you know it
Though I hate you
Even more
You’re the one that made me go
Insane and that’s for sure
You’re the boy that loves me
So why do I feel bruised?
Yours truly
Now and forever
I’m emotionally confused


Submission date : 2005-03-14

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Rating : 4.3

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Latest comments

*BleedingAngel* ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-01

A brilliant poem, I think that many people can relate to this one and so can I!!! You ahve talent in writing, so keep them coming =0) Another masterpiece...

*Hugs Sabrina*

~Łost ₣airy~ ( F P C D ) at 2005-10-22

It's still seems like a love poem to me...lol...you must has been through a difficult relationship...don't you...well hope everything is better now...and this poem is wonderful...5/5

Melissa Westfall ( F C D ) at 2005-11-07

This is a great poem i loved it. you are such a great writer. keep up the work. i hope to see more in the future....luv and huggs....missy

Kayla ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-30

Cos...in the last line...? Confussed... Great job...long but worth reading... Keep u'r head up...

XOXO Kayla

wdnest ( P D ) at 2006-01-29

This is an excellent poem - love and hate all in one!. I rated it a 5!!

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