Railway Man

by Jane Lowe

Running down the railway track
holding onto a great big sack
watching for a cabin that's free
as we're passing by the old oak tree
running through the desert sand
using my one free hand
watching the sun go down
on my face you see no frown
stopping at the railway station
for a breather, only to be back in motion
next stop a thousand meters away
more people need to pay
now you can see the sun go up
just as we pass the big tree lump
passengers waking form their nap
and still, coal I do not lack
I do this day in and day out
but you will never see me pout
because my job I love
riding along as they call me Gov.
Beside the train, the children ran
and told me I was the railway man.


Submission date : 2006-11-03

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Latest comments

Dailin Coldfire ( F P C ) at 2006-12-25

An interesting poem. Kinda cheery, and that made me like it more.
Good job.