Welcome to Harding County High School...

by Brittany Ottmo   Feb 28, 2008

When i first came
to this one school
i was very intelegent
and extreamly kewl
people said i was popular
people took my lead
but out of no where
it was time for me to leave
when i left my home
when i left that place
i couldnt immagine the look
on anyones face
after a few years
i came back home
to the place i thought
i would never be alone
one the first day of school
things werent the same
everybody was different
EVERYONE changed
for the first time in years
iv never felt alone
this wasnt the place
that i used to call home
i had to start over
i had a 2nd chance
i could of took the opertunity
and had a life long romance
i was so shocked
by what i was going through
i didnt know how to handle it
i didnt know what to do
i could of been popular
i could of been kewl
but to everyone else
i was just another fool
so i started hanging with
the first to say hi
it was a big mistake
but my chance had passed by
so now im hated
by who i hang out with
and the stories they tell bout me
are all just myths
welcome to the place
where i used to be kewl
welcome to
Harding County High School.....


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Latest Comments

  • 5 months ago

    by Kaimeyo

    I like this one

  • 11 years ago

    by Sammerz

    Awwww that was sad but u kno wat u dont need to be popular or kool i mean look at me and jus remember ur other friends from your others skools like me i will always be here for you i love you and things will get better u dont need ppl in ur life like that and u will find that special someone soon ur a really kool down to earth gurl and guys will love u jus like they love me Lmao lol love you get ahold of me sometime
    Amazing poem!!!!!