by pseudo   Mar 10, 2008

The letter I never sent,
Words you'll never read,
Soft spoken from my lips,
Never seem to recede.

Old habits never die hard.
It's just relapse after relapse,
My failure to stop,
The recurrence of the past.

The mistakes I own up to,
Regrets that lie within,
Resound in my mind,
Time and time again.

I'm bound to repeat,
The error of my ways,
It's easier to run,
Then to look back and stay.

An echo resonates the past,
With every noise, it falls weak.
The picture has turned grey and silent,
And so has my voice to speak.

You shift me to the backseat,
But I rather you hit the brakes,
Let me leave now,
While I know I'm still awake.

Staring at the face of the oblivious,
Recalling that nothing is forever,
And everything is temporary,
Are the true words of this endeavor.

This endless plateau,
The straight narrow route
Leading me off the edge,
And a life filled with doubt.


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