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I`m just starting to write poetry again. :]
I`m always looking to grow and improve my writing. Basically, it's therapy for me, but a way for me to get my thoughts out.
There's a big difference between my older poems and my latest ones. Thanks for those who read and comment. It's really appreciated.

One other thing, I'm a huge YELLOWCARD fan. :P just thought I should let you know.

contact me anytime.

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Latest Poems By pseudo

  • I wear this disguise, as if it were my own skin.
    Figuratively, this is a big masquerade...

  • The letter I never sent,
    Words you'll never read...

  • I dial your number , only to hang up the phone...
    I won't wait for the ring that separates your...

  • Feelings have withdrawn,
    Confrontation is long overdue...

  • Hopes high for the cliche ending
    No matter how naive it seems...

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  • With brief happiness comes prolonged pain.

    15 years ago
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  • It may be another day but its still the same life...

    15 years ago
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