Preacher's Daughter

by I Heart Question Mark   Mar 11, 2008

It's so hard being a preacher's daughter
Having to live up to all the expectations
Being watched all the time
Knowing they're waiting for you to fall

You try to be yourself, but you cant
Cause you know you're not good enough
You wish you could live a normal life
And be yourself all the time

You try so hard to make everyone proud
Sometimes it bothers you that people think your perfect
They say you have it all figured out
But what they don't know is inside your hurting

The pain is so deep but you keep it bottled up inside
You don't let it out cause you want everyone to be proud
You sometimes think your parents are to strict
But they say its cause they care

You think its cause your a preachers daughter
People really don't know how hard it is
You feel like a goldfish in a bowl
Everyone looking at you all the time

You wish you were back at home with family
But when you go back they think you're too good for them
They make fun of you and call you names
You wish you could start your whole life over

It seems like your whole life is falling apart
It seems like the devil is trying to pick you apart everyday
You cry at night and no one even knows
No one knows the deep pain you feel


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Hidden1

    Dang tihs is deep and I really like this a whole lot. You already know that you are under a watchful eye but what can you do? You know His Word and you know He has a plan for you. There is nothing He will put on you that you can't bear, just do through it and then you will see that you are never alone, but He's there. There to wipe your silent tears that you cry at night, there to hold you close when there is no one in sight. He's there to put your mind at ease, you have a calling on your life, this is just preparation for your destiny. He knows the hurts, pains, and disappointments you go through. Be still and watch Him make all the ones who have hurt, wronged, and doubted you, your footstool. So stay encouraged and all you have to do is be yourself. Well done and I like this a whole lot.

  • 9 years ago

    by Ares

    Really good poem, I can really relate to it.