Fairy tale

by Love vs Fate   Mar 14, 2008

This is a story about a guy whole fell in love with a girl,
he didn't know this whole time she loved him back.
when he finally got the courage to tell her, she returned the love back.

he was very shocked when she first said those words to him. the words that he has always wanted to hear.
the words that can make a heart sing with a thousand voices.

this girl is full of life, she is such a mystery but yet he understands her. he doesn't know what it is about her but she is just so wonderful.

at first he pretended that he didn't know she loved him, but she saw through his laughs. now they are the greatest people being together. happy ever after.

and here they are still talking and still laughing and stuff,
he wonders what is gonna happen next.
but he also has to remember that she is a bit younger then him and he has to still be a great guy,

this guy wouldn't harm anyone,
he is such a great guy says the lovely girl.
and i love her so much says the guy.

and they live happily ever after!


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  • 10 years ago

    by ZAcKismSk8tRbOi

    Um..is this a poem?

  • 10 years ago

    by MyMuse

    Aww Travis. This poem is just pure of love. passion for me. And love. You know you solved my mystery...you listened to that secret that i had in my heart. We will be together for a long time if not forever. I just want you to know, I would even walk to where you live for i can be held. Feel a kiss from you. I just want to keep reading on with this fairy tale, I will cry but then I will smile. I just love you with my whole heart. I just want you to stay with me forever. This poem just expresses a love we share. You know, i knew that you knew i loved you and i know behind those laughs of a person from you wanted to say I Love You. Also. lol. Well I was your sister now i am the one I can tell you i love you. Just keep doing what you do and I will always be here. Let us keep writing such a wonderful romance/fairy tale for everyone to know we are together no one else...

    I LOVE YOU....!!!!!!!!!<333333

    I am just so happy<3

    Always Loving you...

    Always Your Angel :D<3

    deserves more than a 5/5!!!!<3 because our love is ever lasting :D

  • I loved it is wonderful i love it! keep up the great work
    from chris