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------Hi my name is Travis, 19 years old. I live in a small town here in Nebraska. I'm a gay poetic writer. I came out my Junior year of High School and now I'm majoring in Beauty School. I write poems to cleans the soul.

------i dont know what to really say, i mean when i first started on this site i didnt know if i was doing everything right or wrong. But thanks to all of you who have left me comments, rated my poems...its just so nice to know that i do have a talent that i am good at. And it makes me happy when i read all of my comments.

------Every poem that i have read on here has been great. Whether it was good or bad i still commented it and i told them what i felt. i must add this too, im very open to people who want to talk about a problem, but i dont push someone to tell me what it is. i am always here for anyone who wants to talk.

------i can try and give advice and hope that it helps. if you read one of my poem about my mom and dad its called "never again" if you feel like you've been there or are going through that as well and you wanna talk about it you can come to me cuz ive been down that road and i know what its like and i know how some of you may be feeling.

You are like a sister to me and I LOVE THAT.

Hey you are my special friend, One that I know won't judge me. I know none of my friends will judge me but I just get a spark in my eye when I see you online. You are a good friend and one day I want to meet you.

sam, you too are a great friend.
you have helped me in so many ways so that i can improve my poems.
your a strong girl who isnt afraid to
tell a guy or girl what your feeling.
your not afraid to give advice, just like courtney.

your soo good with your words,
the comments you leave me are soo sweet and nice. you have too inspired me to get better with my poems. your a great friend.

i havent known you for long but your comments that you leave are very nice. and you have some amazying poems. your a great friend and i cant wait to get to know you.

amber your soo good with poems,
some of them are very sad but i try to give you good advice, and your a very nice girl. i hope they are working ^.^

you have become a very very very good friend of mine. and now you know a lot about me and that is so cool because i have learned quite a bit about you. you're an amazing person and that i don't want to see changed. i hope we can be friends outside of this internet world, and hope we meet someday. you're a spectacular friend, so don't get me wrong. maybe someday i'll meet you ^_^ oh boy that'll be cool then we can go shopping all day long ^_^. i gots good taste too you know. =P

-----i will continue to write poems
as i go on in life. and i will keep updating my profile as i get to know more and more people! i love you all your all so great at everything you do! your all perfect in my eyes!
-----i have many goals that i want to achieve. and im hoping that with the help of everyone that reads my poems maybe just maybe my poems with get better. but the great news is...MY VERY FIRST POEM IS BEING PUBLISHED!! and im SUPER excited!!!

----and if anyone wants to chat i have gmail, its

-----I also have myspace. ---thats my URL.

---when you read my poems you must understand one thing, I've been through so much in life but I have grown to be strong. I have met so many people in life who are strong and who will always be there. They are so good at what they do, In many things. Everyone that I've met on this site are basically my hero. You're all so great at what you do. I hope one day you all get discovered and become famous in the LINE OF POETRY.

----I belong to a club on here... "Between The Lines Of Life"

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  • Never be afraid to be yourself around your friends. They are there to protect and guide you. :P

    13 years ago
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  • Peanut butter is for kids,
    peanut butter is just for us.
    so let it show all over our face.
    so lets just say this.

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  • Things i love about you,
    the way you talk to me,
    the way you make me feel.
    i love you all, so keep it real ^.^

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