The B###### and the loyal pet

by Braeden Monks   Mar 15, 2008

Take the pictures off the wall
Don't pretend like they mean anything at all
It was a long time ago
and its time..time to let go

I'll watch you coming through fog
you have nothing but questions
You want a loyal pet like a dog
but you wont settle for a human

I'm broken on the street
I'm broken from the weight
I'm crushed by your dreams
I'm crushed by the state

You have no control over me
You have only hate for a thousand
but im not gonna be your link
I'm running away, too much for one man

I want a chance at freedom
choices? Life? "Hold Him Down!"
They have a needle and i have the sickness
as it presses through me, i cant make a sound

Thier coming for you and you and you
they wont come for me,
Thier coming for you and you and you
time rots my dead body

No hope in the end for the loyal pets
because the the master will kill it
once the pet is worn out and old
no mecry, no star, no heart of gold


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