My Niece's Wedding

by Bhavin   Mar 23, 2008

Filled up with emotions, my heartbeats race
Joy and elation glitter on everyone's face.
My girl gets ready, dressing up as a bride
I walk holding her hand tightly by my side.

As slow as a snail, we enter the venue door
Lights and flowers are scattered all around the floor.
I walk down slowly at the aisle straight ahead
As I try to delay her from getting her wed.

With every slow step, I recollect the moments of past
She urges me, she pulls me to reach the aisle fast.
With nervousness, my tummy fills up with butterflies
Her smile leaves a print in my tearful eyes.

I give her hand to the groom and step behind
Her radiant face makes my eyes go blind.
The marriage gets over and I stand away alone
She runs towards me swiftly, I turn myself a stone.

She grabs me by surprise and gives a tight hug
She presses me harder, as I back out and shrug.
I try not to cry and excuse myself to the loo
She holds me back whispering, "I Love You, Chachu*."

I run away from her, with a fear of breaking down
Tears of happiness roll and vanish my frown.
She walks away from me, as I stand there lifeless
"Take care, Dear Daughter", I silently bless.

(P.S.: In India, a paternal uncle is fondly called as Chachu.

This may not be my best poem but this poem is closest to my heart because this one is written to the most special and the closest person in my life. I'm a bachelor right now and I don't have kids but still I understand how it feels when a daughter gets married and leaves her father's household forever. It has to happen someday and with the joy of seeing her married, comes the grief of seeing her go away to her new house. I dedicate this poem to my niece who's about to get married, for giving me an experience of fatherhood and making me more matured and more responsible when I breed my own kids. I love you, sweetheart!)


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  • 9 years ago

    by shobhana kumar

    This is a very beautiful verse, Bhavin. your pain and joy shines through - and the mixed emotions portrayed here are simply haunting.

    wish your niece the very, very best from me.

    luck and hope