by Sammerz   Apr 18, 2008

You said i lied.
But what did i lie about.
You said i was the one for you.
Then you shut me out
and shut me down.

Why did you do that.
Is it because i said
that i jus wanted to
be single and work
on things for myself.

Is that what hurts you
Is that why you hate me
Call me a LIAR.

Thats the one thing that
is keeping me from
going bak to you.

But i guess i found someone better.
Someone who loves me and cares bout me.
One who is there for me wen i need em.
One who takes time to listen to what
i have to say or what i kno i want.

You always said i love you
And then this you
calling me a LIAR.

Tell me what i did
besides say i wanted
time to think things over.

Think bout things i need to do.
things that i need to fix in my life.
I guess me n u will jus never have
that chance again.

But thats ok i got someone who
Treats me better and helps me
overcome obsticles.

Gives me the space i need
when i need it and want it.
He understands me and doesnt
lack trust in me like you do.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Yazdan

    The sun rises every morning and the rain will always fall. The only thing more true than the laws of nature is the statement that you, darlin, can write beautiful poetry.

  • 10 years ago

    by KOML6000

    This one was deep it was good i like it, sounds like the poems i write, good job keep it up

  • 10 years ago

    by Love vs Fate

    Oh my GOSH...hunny this poem has great stanza...great much thought and feelings put into this poem. You chose words that I just couldn't get enough of. You had to of felt great emotion and some pain while writing this poem. Oh hunny I am sorry that this person said or did this. I am sorry about that and I am here for you all the time. I rate this poem yet another 5/5. Deserves more but IT'S A 10 IN MY EYES! :D
    xoxoxo to the extreme! :D
    you're a good writer sis! keep it up. I will love to read more and more of your poems! never stop!

  • 10 years ago


    Wow... this has happened to me before and it brought back alot of memories... :(
    in the other hand awsome poem though! :)

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