A near suicide.

by Andrew   May 9, 2008

My miserable life is slowly sinking,
Deep down inside my heart is breaking,
I sit at awe and my mind stops thinking,
My body slowly shaking as this booze i start drinking.

My life is worthless its full of pain,
My soul is lonely its full of cries,
I think tonight i will end this strain,
with this knife on my hand i will slit my throat and die.

The knife is sharp and goes in deep,
My vein is slit and starts to bleed,
The pain is intense and i start to freeze,
Then i remembered my friends and decided to live.

The knife falls down and i burst in tears,
Saying sorry to God for letting myself be weared.
Never again to commit suicide i will be geared,
For my friends are always there to help me conquer my fears.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Love vs Fate

    Andrew!! What is the matter hunni? Why are you thinking like this?