I wrote our names on the bathroom stall.

by christina marie   May 13, 2008

Lay your head close to mine, and whisper what you want me to say
these words scramble through my brain from present to past tense,
clusters of uncontrollable words could come out all at once,
im not sure tonight if ill make any sense.
ill try to piece this fragment of this verse together,
two hundred seventy-six syllables, one hundred sixteen words,
- but only one meaning.
when you laugh, when you cry, when youre scared;
just remember, its only you that im seeing.
you render me breathless when its already hard to breathe
but im just one breath short of completing my sentence,
ive yet to collaborate, and stammer everything i need to say,
so, for a while, stay close to my picket fence.

its not done yet, gramma needs the computer to gamble ;)


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