Ramiro Icaza

by Love vs Fate   May 13, 2008

This guy,
Is something else.
We have this friendship,
That is so strong.
I never thought I would say this,
I never thought I would get so close.
I opened up to him,
As he has to me.
We have a friendship that is so strong,
He was the first friend in my life to
ever say I was a brother to him.
He told me this two years ago,
But I was shocked.
I never thought I would love him to death,
But now I'm not afraid to say this.
Ramiro I know you are leaving me,
But I know this is not good bye.
I will always have you in my life,
No matter where you will be in the world.
I will see you every summer,
You are a strong guy and I love that.
You have build me a strong heart,
One I have to share with you.
I love you to death!


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  • 10 years ago

    by SoUrNameIsTia

    Hehe its really sweet =] gooood job =]

  • 10 years ago

    by XAlwaysXBrokenX

    I am sure that ramiro will love this poem!! it was great!! your amazing!