Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades

by Matthew   May 13, 2008

Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades

They shade my eyes and hide my face
Guarding my soul from her gazes disgrace

I remove my glasses, revealing my eyes
My windows are open but to my surprise

The harsh light of day does not compare
To the shock of her words and my hearts despair

As the waves go crashing, back and forth
She tells me she loves me, for what it's worth

The sun above, shines sadly down
Watching my heart break, below on the ground

I'm under attack, what the hell do I do
Love is a battlefield, and I'm losing to you

The pearly white sand, engulfing my feet
Bares witness to the treachery of my lovers deceit

How can she love him, yet still love me
This betrayal of my heart, how can this be

The new love of her life I cannot blame
For the love of our lives is Perfection's aim

So I try to be strong and slip on a smile
I say I'll be fine, it will just take awhile

I look over the water, over the endless ocean
I recall my love and everlasting devotion

I put on my glasses, to hide my crying
It was all I could do to keep from dying

I adjust my shades, nothing more to say
I show her my back and slowly walk away

She did it I thought, rained on my parade
A down pour of locked hearts and hand grenades

Copyright(C) 2008 All Rights Reserved


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  • 10 years ago

    by Todd Geatz

    This was awesome to read it was PERFECT!!!

  • 10 years ago

    by Kassie

    This is really good. i have read alot of your poems and there all really good. i wish i could write like you. i cant wait to read more.