Where are you now

by HeavenzEyez   May 28, 2004

Were are you again
You’ve been gone for so long
I’m starting to take the blame
If only I’d have gone
I’d know were you were
I’ve looked
But still I don’t see you there
Now I’m starting to worry
I wish you were here
Its like you don’t want to come back in a hurry
Were are you? Are you near
I’ve been searching all this time
If only you’ll come back
Everything would be fine
Right now, happiness is what I lack
Maybe you just looked at the weather tonight
Thought you’d do something different
Decided to take a walk until it was light
Wherever you are
I hope what ever you see is a brilliant sight
Come back home soon please
I’m missing you
Your voice will put me at so much ease
Then I will enjoy the things I want to do
Your voice would be like beautiful music in my ears and mind
The thought of you makes me miss you more
Please come back and be so kind
Be there when I next open the door
I know you’ll be back some time some day
You can’t be apart from your family forever
I’ll be waiting for you anyway
Families are meant to wait, we have to be together

Why’d you leave me all alone
I’m so confused
All I do now is groan and groan
Only because I feel bruised
I know you love me, I know what your feeling
Whatever you tell me, I’ll try to understand
But I don’t want to always be seeking
So give me a helping hand


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  • 10 years ago

    by RainbowSlider

    One can feel the loss. Very good work.