by santino   Jun 25, 2008

In eternal but short steps
a life's meaning fine
in a lifetimes thought
many lives have died
in a loves confusment
hearts broken
many like mine
and in other whys
many have cried
eyes so shy
like weathers good bye
like a far well meaning
never meant to say bye
eyes watered
like in devastating times
were storms brew up
and many thought to die
many have sighed
also some have suffered
and never have tried
reason to be not know
but to go on
even if hard times make you blind
as they come for that
to make you stronger
and let survive harder times
in a undescribed landscape
unknown to all eyes
to minds
and hearts
people wishing to find
curiosity's meaning
is the ending of our lives
not keeping us in peace
and not letting us walk
in that undescribed landscape
that our hearts only to surprise


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