by The Herald   Jun 26, 2008

Release me from this prison of intoxication

your words cages round me build

trapped am i within your thoughts

thy thoughts enrapturing,

my heart, you're capturing

within myself I'm safe

i go now from my prison built inside my mind

set forth on a journey, a way to be free

flying quickly through the land

fought at every angle, none wanting to see the truth

staring and gasping at all my actions

at last there is nothing to see

there is nothing to be

without you -

broken down and disconsolate

my heart breaks down the middle

gazing upon perfection, showing all my flaws

magnified in crystal

under the stars i shed my tears

flowing down into the earth

growing new life from my pain

shelving my heart

not wanting to feel anything if i must too feel this

solitary and rejection

i see crimson flowing from my hands

my strength slowly ebbing towards the end

pain helps me the thoughts off to fend

longing to feel anything but this crushing loneliness

the screaming silence of no one there for me

a ringing in my ears that tells me lies

i yearn to be free


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