Two Brothers

by The Herald   Aug 18, 2008

Long ago
in the land of Arken
there lived a man
who raised the fallen

he freed the damned
from their bondage to sin
and armed their limbs
their loyalty to win

his army raised,
but not forgotten
the man went on
to his children misbegotten

found his son
and spoke his tale
gathered his arms
and finished his ale

his son and army
now at his back
the man starts preparations
to begin the attack

corpses with tools
of death and destruction
gripped white-knuckled in their hands
commence the abduction

storm towards the castle
a savage cry rips the air
from the throat of the man
for his safety, not a care

close behind rides the fleet
his soldiers of death
to bring back his bride
'fore she takes her last breath

come down the walls
their rocks crushing bones
more rush into halls
boots clatter over stones

high in the tower
now sprints the man
his breath coming ragged
eyes cover the span

'twixt himself and his bride
and the blade at her throat
sees no place to hide
sheds now his coat

pulls from the sheath
his saber of light
forged from dragon's teeth
prepares for the fight

flings aside the girl
and wields his own tool
so does now the enemy
think the man's a fool

calm and serene
with her eyes upon him
finishes the fight in one blow
eyes filled to the brim

"My god, my god, why torment me so?"
make me kill my own sibling-
-for he was my foe"

now lives there the man
in the land of Arken
fields of grain flowing 'neath the wind
underneath lie his army and brother in silence
neither 'gain shall ever stand


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Faithless Watermelon

    Well I think you could punctuate and capitalize your lines a bit, but other than that I certainly think that this was well written. You did an amazing job with imagery and your word choice was astounding. 5/5 for sure

  • 11 years ago

    by Karl Wild GG23

    I really enjoyed this piece, it was more like a short story as well as a poem and it was a great read. I loved the ending stanza I thought it was very strong...Excellent work and great imagery 5/5 GG23