The Piece Of Him I'll Never Forget

by ღ Diamoиd Eyes ღ   Jun 29, 2008

What do I have to do?
To get what I lost from you?

You once held my heart,
But now thats no more.
You took that piece,
When you walked out my door.

How do I reach you?
Can you even hear me?

Don't you know I care about you still?
Are you thinking about me
And the love we once shared,
Or was that the first thing you killed?

Can you see me?
Am I just a nameless face?

Why did you leave me
without saying goodbye?
I wish I could hate you,
and your power to make me cry!

Do you regret ever loving me?
Or was it all just a lie?

I wish for once you could see,
just what you put me through
and how much you hurt me
when I watched you leave.

Are you happier with her?
Can you even remember what you had with me?

Never again will I have a chance to hug you,
Or tell you how much you were to me.
You'll forever have that piece of my heart,
Just like I still have a piece of yours too.


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  • 10 years ago

    by rebel angel

    I can relate to ur poem....having some1 walk out of your life is equal to having ur heart riped out.......
    keep it up


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