She dont love me

by DAM   Jul 13, 2008

It's been so long since I heard her speack those three words
I Love You!
I know why because she dont love me
I feel like dying jus like Lil' Wayne
I'd be surprised if when she comes back from out of town, she still kows my name
She don't wanna see me
That I just don't understand
Because I wanna see her bad.
I guess it's my fault she loves me no longer
I'm so weak with out her she was what made me stronger
No one to take care of me when I'm feelin' under the weather
Feels like I'm ill for life aint ever gonna get better
I've never felt this way about lovin' like Brian McKnight
My life is so dark now cuz she left and now I dont have my light
She made me a better person but now I think its time to go back to the old way
Doing dirt, robbing, stealing, no job now, I gotta get paid
I have not slept in my bed since she left
I'm getting scared cuz latley I've been thinking bout DEATH!
Without love whats the point in living
Someone tell me cuz I cant see it
Thats it time to stop being so giving
With no love in my life there is no point in being kind
On a serious tip I really think I'm losing my mind
Carzy thoughts running through my brain
Reoccuring nightmares of HER driving me insane
Even in my sleep I feel pain!!
She use to help keep the lonely's away
I'm feeling the love I saw was not as it was portray'd
I'm not gonna lie I feel A lil betrayed
But as mush as things change things stay the same
I cant believe she took her love away
She was perfect like an angel
So precious like a new born
Just what I prayed for
I was breathless when I saw her
Love had no purpose till I met her
But now like Aerosmith I'm stuck trying to forget her
I didn't think she could stop loving me like this
to me it seem'd like she just turned off the switch
I'm without her and her love so like Paris Hilton now it's JUST ME!
All I wanted to do was love her
all I ever did was care
comforting her when she aint feel good putting her to sleep, by playing with her hair
But check this now I don't feel well, and I'm here with no one that cares
I try not to be alone
But it's hard cuz everyone I know
Has someone to love them
And it hurts to be around them
Cuz I start thinking bout the one who dont love me no more
I thought my purpose in this world was to be her protector
But I got no one to protect now since she told me see you later
It was hard as hell letting her in my life
So as ya'll can imagine it's even harder watching her leave
I'm lost with out her dont know how much more I have to plea
To get her to love me again I know it's almost impossible
Or at least thats how it seems to be
I apologize for whatever it was that made you leave from me
I know that don't matter none but please forgive me
I need you and don't like the fact that you don't love me
Please Please
Love Me


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  • 9 years ago

    by Tyleroo

    Woww... Just wow.. I really love this poem; it really is heartfelt, just like you said. I can see every word, it's painting a vivid picture in my head as I read this one. good Job.