Thine Eyes

by Ashes of a Black Rose aka Night Child   Jul 31, 2008

The burgundy sky,
An open vein,
Splits with a bolt of frustration and fire.
The rapids crash,
Currents collide,
Bodies pile onto the banks,
And frozen.
Their demise brings remorse to none.
With leaden faces,
And bluing lips,
Eyes reek tales of oblivion.
Obsidian pupils
Leak aversion,
Death sparks in dismal cobalt irises.
Waters surge
From thine eyes,
As your child excels its creator.
The wrath rises,
A passionate flame,
Of loathing, deceit, and sin.
Ashes form
Around thine eyes,
Lashes singed with remembrance.
A lethal thought,
Rekindled soul,
But no barriers shield the weak.
Mirror, mirror,
Oh, thine eyes,
Chest open to the storm.
Burgundy skies,
Like open veins,
And alas, my vendetta is purged.


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