5 Bucks and Some Change

by -] Nobody [-   Aug 19, 2008

Sometimes I like to walk in the breeze
Stand in the rain and swim in the seas
Trod through the woods to ease my mind
Sit on a stump and carve names with mine

Sometimes I like to walk through fields
Sit on a riverbank and count up my bills
Never have much more than a five or ten
But I've a pole and can remember back when

I can look around and enjoy the view
Never knew eyes could find beauty so true
The colors of the trees and how they sway
It's hard to explain what I feel today

Spent my whole life looking for true love
Always hated myself and what I dreamed of
Knew one day I'd die living a lonely man
Unsure and unhappy of all I understand

And then one evening I cannot describe
I looked at the world and then at my life
I realize there are things I will never have
But they'll never amount to all I've had

A mercede benz won't be found in my yard
But I've a car and I drive it pretty hard
I may only do all of these things on my own
But I have a family and a place I call home

People may disgrace or look down upon me
For my accomplishments or whatever they see
But I've become rich beyond a scholars range
Finding happiness in 5 bucks and some change


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  • 10 years ago

    by Cassie Cain

    Great poem. i really liked this one. lol. keep up the good work and keep in touch. lates. ^_^

  • 10 years ago

    by Conrad

    Good poem. Who needs cash when the world is such a beauty.